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High – Grade Matcha “Kotobuki”

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Kotobuki is the best Matcha we offer at Maiko Tea. The tea is rich with an intense, green colour and sweet, aromatic aftertaste. It comes in a 200 g (7 oz) hermetically, double-sealed tin. This high-grade Matcha is a popular treat in households throughout Japan. Kotobuki means “blessing” and refers to the grace this Matcha brings when thoughtfully sipped.

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Kotobuki is the best Matcha we offer at Maiko Tea. The tea is rich with an intense, green colour and sweet, aromatic aftertaste. It comes in a 200 g (7 oz) hermetically, double-sealed tin. This high-grade Matcha is a popular treat in households throughout Japan. Kotobuki means "blessing" and refers to the grace this Matcha brings when thoughtfully sipped.

The short answer is that Kotobuki Matcha is a premium Japanese green tea powder renowned for its vibrant green color, rich umami flavor, and smooth texture. Sourced from the finest shade-grown tea leaves, this ceremonial-grade matcha undergoes a meticulous stone-grinding process to preserve its quality and authenticity. With a history rooted in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, Kotobuki Matcha offers a sensory experience that transcends taste, inviting enthusiasts to savor the essence of tranquility and mindfulness with each sip.

Introduction to Kotobuki Matcha

Kotobuki Matcha is a premium Japanese green tea powder renowned for its vibrant green color, rich umami flavor, and numerous health benefits. Cultivated with meticulous care in the shade to enhance chlorophyll levels and amino acid content, Kotobuki Matcha offers a unique sensory experience that captivates tea connoisseurs worldwide.

This exquisite matcha variety boasts a long history deeply rooted in Japanese traditional tea ceremonies. Its origins can be traced back to the 12th century when Zen Buddhist monks introduced the art of powdered green tea to Japan. Over time, matcha became an integral part of Japanese culture, symbolizing harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility.

The production process of Kotobuki Matcha involves carefully selected young tea leaves from shaded plants that are handpicked and stone-ground into a fine powder using granite mills. This labor-intensive method ensures that only the highest quality leaves are used to create matcha with exceptional aroma and flavor profiles.

When preparing Kotobuki Matcha for consumption, it is traditionally whisked with hot water using a bamboo whisk until frothy. The resulting bright green brew exudes a creamy texture with notes of sweet grassiness and savory undertones—a testament to the superior craftsmanship behind each batch of this revered Japanese green tea variety.

Exploring the Rich History of Kotobuki Matcha

Kotobuki Matcha holds a revered place in the world of Japanese tea culture. Its rich history dates back centuries, originating from traditional tea ceremonies that have been passed down through generations. The meticulous process of cultivating and preparing matcha has deep roots in Zen Buddhism, where mindfulness and tranquility are paramount.

The art of preparing Kotobuki Matcha involves finely ground green tea leaves, resulting in a vibrant emerald powder with a unique umami flavor profile. This ceremonial drink is not just about taste; it embodies harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility – essential elements of Japanese aesthetics and philosophy. With each sip of Kotobuki Matcha, one can experience a moment of calm contemplation and connection to nature.

Through the ages, Kotobuki Matcha has evolved as a symbol of hospitality and social bonding in Japan. It serves as a centerpiece for gatherings among friends or during formal occasions such as tea ceremonies. The preparation and sharing of matcha reflect principles like humility and gratitude embedded deeply within Japanese society.

In modern times, the allure of Kotobuki Matcha extends beyond its cultural significance to include various health benefits attributed to its high antioxidant content. As more people around the globe discover this powdered green elixir's virtues - from boosting metabolism to enhancing concentration - its popularity continues to soar.

By delving into the rich history behind Kotobuki Matcha, one gains not only an appreciation for this beloved beverage but also insight into Japan's profound cultural traditions rooted in simplicity yet brimming with elegance.

The Pros & Cons of Matcha Madness


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Provides a calm energy boost
  • Supports metabolism and weight management
  • Enhances focus and concentration


  • Can be an acquired taste for some
  • May contain high levels of caffeine
  • Requires special preparation techniques
  • Can be more expensive than regular tea

Unveiling the Craftsmanship: Kotobuki Matcha as Ceremonial Grade

Kotobuki Matcha stands as a pinnacle of Japanese tea culture, revered for its exceptional quality and meticulous craftsmanship. This ceremonial-grade matcha undergoes a rigorous production process that begins with shading the tea bushes weeks before harvest to enhance chlorophyll levels and promote a vibrant green color and rich umami flavor profile. The hand-picking of only the finest young leaves further ensures superior taste and aroma in every whisked cup.

The preparation of Kotobuki Matcha is steeped in tradition, requiring finely ground tencha leaves to be sifted into a bowl using precise movements that honor the artistry behind this revered beverage. With water heated to just below boiling, the matcha is then skillfully whisked into a frothy concoction using a bamboo chasen until it reaches optimal smoothness. Each sip offers an exquisite balance of bitter notes softened by sweet undertones, inviting enthusiasts on a sensory journey that encapsulates centuries-old practices rooted in Zen philosophy.

Savoring Kotobuki Matcha transcends mere consumption; it symbolizes harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility – core tenets deeply ingrained in Japanese cultural heritage. As one indulges in this emerald elixir brewed from meticulously cultivated leaves at their peak freshness, they partake not only in exquisite flavors but also immerse themselves in an ancient ritual where every gesture holds profound meaning. To experience Kotobuki Matcha is to embrace mindfulness through each sip, fostering connection with oneself and honoring timeless traditions passed down through generations.

The Art of Shade-grown Tea Leaves: Vital to Kotobuki Matcha's Uniqueness

Shade-grown tea leaves play a pivotal role in creating the distinctive flavor profile of Kotobuki Matcha. By shading the tea plants for several weeks before harvest, the leaves undergo a transformation where they produce higher levels of chlorophyll and amino acids like L-theanine. This process results in a rich umami taste with a vibrant green color that sets matcha apart from other types of green tea. The careful nurturing and protection of these shaded leaves are integral to achieving Kotobuki Matcha's unparalleled depth and complexity, making it a truly unique experience for those seeking to explore the world of Japanese tea culture.

The Elegance of Tradition: Stone-grinding in Kotobuki Matcha Production

Stone-grinding is a revered technique in Kotobuki Matcha production. The process involves using granite stone mills to slowly grind tencha leaves into fine powder, preserving the delicate flavors and nutrients of the tea. This traditional method ensures that each particle of matcha is finely ground, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture when whisked with hot water. The meticulous craftsmanship involved in stone-grinding highlights the dedication to quality and authenticity found in Kotobuki Matcha, making it a truly elegant experience for tea enthusiasts seeking the purest form of green tea enjoyment.

Savoring the Flavors: Understanding the Unique Taste Profile of Kotobuki Matcha

Kotobuki Matcha offers a harmonious blend of umami, sweetness, and slight bitterness that dance on your palate with each sip. The initial vegetal notes give way to a lingering creamy finish that is both refreshing and invigorating. This complexity in flavor profile sets Kotobuki Matcha apart from other green teas, making it a delightful experience for the senses.

The shade-grown leaves used in Kotobuki Matcha cultivation contribute to its vibrant green color and rich taste. By shading the tea plants from direct sunlight weeks before harvest, the amino acid content increases, resulting in a more pronounced umami flavor. This meticulous process enhances the overall quality of the matcha powder, elevating its taste profile to new heights.

Furthermore, the fine grinding technique employed during production ensures that each cup of Kotobuki Matcha is velvety smooth without any gritty texture often found in lower-grade matcha varieties. The result is a luxurious mouthfeel that coats your tongue with every sip, leaving behind an exquisite sensation that lingers long after you've finished your drink.

In conclusion, savoring Kotobuki Matcha is not just about enjoying a beverage; it's about immersing yourself in centuries-old traditions and culture while relishing one of Japan's most treasured culinary delights. Its unique taste profile encapsulates the essence of Japanese tea culture—a delicate balance between flavors and textures crafted with precision and care. Indulge in the world of matcha with Kotobuki Matcha and embark on a journey through time-honored rituals where every sip tells a story worth savoring.

The Mystical Origins of Kotobuki Matcha

1. **Samurai Connection:** Legend has it that kotobuki matcha was favored by samurais for its ability to enhance focus and concentration during meditation and battle.

2. **Zen Buddhist Influence:** Kotobuki matcha has deep roots in Zen Buddhism, where monks have been using matcha for centuries to aid in their meditation practices due to its calming effects on the mind.

3. **Ceremonial Tradition:** The preparation and consumption of kotobuki matcha is often associated with traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, symbolizing harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility.

4. **Mystical Energy:** Some believe that kotobuki matcha possesses mystical energy that can bring good fortune, longevity, and prosperity to those who drink it regularly.

5. **Harmonious Blend:** Kotobuki matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves that are carefully stone-ground to create a vibrant green powder, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas that are both invigorating and soothing.

Beyond Taste: Embracing the Cultural Significance of Kotobuki Matcha

Kotobuki Matcha transcends mere taste; it embodies a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in Japanese culture. From the meticulous cultivation of shade-grown tea leaves to the graceful art of whisking its vibrant green powder into a frothy concoction, every step reflects mindfulness and respect for nature. The cultural significance of Kotobuki Matcha extends beyond its flavor profile; it symbolizes harmony, purity, and tranquility - key tenets of the revered Japanese tea ceremony known as chanoyu.

In Japan, matcha holds a special place in traditional rituals and ceremonies, serving as a symbol of hospitality and respect when offered to guests. Its preparation demands patience and precision, mirroring the values upheld in Japanese society. Through each sip of Kotobuki Matcha, one can experience a profound connection to history and craftsmanship that has been honed over generations. This ceremonial drink invites individuals to slow down, savor moments of stillness, and appreciate the beauty found in simplicity - an ethos deeply ingrained in Japanese aesthetics.

Beyond being a beverage choice, Kotobuki Matcha represents an invitation to engage with mindfulness during daily routines. Its rich cultural tapestry encourages enthusiasts not just to consume but also to contemplate life's transient nature while relishing each nuanced sip. In exploring the world of matcha beyond its taste alone lies an opportunity for personal growth through appreciation for ancient customs that continue to shape contemporary lifestyles worldwide.

Experiencing Kotobuki Matcha: A Journey Into the Heart of Japanese Tea Culture

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Kotobuki Matcha, where each sip embodies centuries of Japanese tea culture. The vibrant green hue and delicate aroma of this powdered green tea beckon you to embark on a sensory journey like no other. As you prepare the matcha with precision and care, you are not just making a beverage; you are partaking in a ritual that dates back to ancient traditions.

The art of whisking matcha requires patience and mindfulness, as every gentle swirl of the bamboo chasen creates a frothy concoction that symbolizes harmony. With each sip, the rich umami flavor envelops your palate, leaving behind a lingering sweetness that speaks volumes about the quality of this ceremonial tea. Kotobuki Matcha is more than just a drink—it is an embodiment of respect for nature and gratitude for moments shared over cups of warmth.

In Japan, matcha holds profound cultural significance beyond its exquisite taste. It serves as a symbol of purity and tranquility, inviting those who partake in it to slow down amidst life's hustle and bustle. Through experiencing Kotobuki Matcha, one gains insight into Japanese aesthetics and philosophy rooted in simplicity and mindfulness—a reminder to cherish each moment as it unfolds gracefully like the unfurling leaves at dawn's first light.


1. What makes Kotobuki Matcha unique compared to other types of green tea?

Kotobuki Matcha stands out for its vibrant green color, creamy umami flavor, and finely ground powder consistency, offering a luxurious and authentic Japanese tea experience unlike any other.

2. How is traditional matcha prepared and served in Japanese tea ceremonies?

Traditional matcha is prepared by whisking finely ground green tea powder with hot water using a bamboo whisk until frothy, then served in a bowl called a chawan, symbolizing harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility in Japanese tea ceremonies.

3. What are the health benefits associated with consuming Kotobuki Matcha?

Kotobuki Matcha is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, promoting relaxation, boosting metabolism, enhancing focus, and supporting overall well-being.

4. Can you explain the significance of the ritualistic aspects of drinking matcha in Japanese culture?

The ritualistic aspects of drinking matcha in Japanese culture symbolize harmony, respect, and tranquility, fostering a deep connection between the participants and the tea itself.

5. Where can one purchase authentic Kotobuki Matcha outside of Japan?

Authentic Kotobuki Matcha can be purchased online from reputable tea retailers who specialize in Japanese green tea.

6. Are there any specific etiquette rules to follow when enjoying a cup of Kotobuki Matcha?

Yes, when enjoying Kotobuki Matcha, it is customary to bow slightly before receiving the tea, hold the bowl with both hands, admire the tea bowl, and drink it in three sips while making a slight noise to show appreciation.

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6 reviews for High – Grade Matcha “Kotobuki”

  1. Silavie T. (verified owner)

    …I am really happy with this tea, I purchase it again…there are no disturbing notes, simply joy!

  2. Olena M. (verified owner)

  3. Stephane B. (verified owner)

    Very fine and creamy matcha

  4. Rene Köster (verified owner)

    Ich habe vor einiger Zeit angefangen Matcha zu trinken und habe mit dem Kotobuki von Maiko meinen Favoriten gefunden.

    Sehr begeistert war ich auch von der tollen und liebevollen Verpackung. Der Karton ist in tolles japanisches Papier gepackt und der Kotobuki wird in diesem schön präsentiert. Die Matchadose ist ein kleines Kunstwerk.

    Der Kotobuki riecht sehr gut und der Geschmack ist sehr mild, volles Umami und überhaupt nicht bitter, so wie andere die ich probiert habe. Auch ist die Qualität immer gleich gut.

    Danke Maiko für diesen tollen Matcha 🍵👍🏻

  5. Ivan Pesic (verified owner)

    I have tried several different matcha teas, but nothing compares to this one. I’ve been buying only Kotobuki for several years now. It has an exceptional taste, very smooth. The best tea.

  6. Rene Köster (verified owner)

    Spitze wie immer. Mein absoluter Favorit, toller milder leicht süßer Geschmack. Tolles Umami und schön cremig wenn man ihn richtig aufschäumt.

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