How to Prepare Delicious Sencha

How to Prepare Delicious Sencha

Instructions to prepare for three people, using tea of superior quality.
Necessary items: kyusu (Japanese tea pot), 3 tea cups, tea leaves, tablespoon

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A kyusu (Japanese tea pot) with a 200-300 ml capacity is most appropriate for brewing Sencha. The volume of the pot shown in the photograph is about 250 ml.

A dedicated focus on preparing the best tea possible will naturally help in making delicious Sencha.

(1) Boil water and let it cool off.

In order to achieve the genuine flavour of Sencha, it is important to let the boiled water cool off first. First pour the hot water into the empty kyusu (tea pot). Pouring the water will decrees the initial temperature (90°C – 100°C) by about ten degrees.

Caution: Pouring the boiling water directly onto the leaves will cause your tea to lose its refined flavour and become bitter.

(2) Cool off the temperature of the hot water.

Pour the water from the kyusu (tea pot) into the three tea cups. This will further reduce the temperature by about ten degrees. Your water will now measure around 70°C – 80°C. This is the right temperature for good sencha!

(3) Put Sencha leaves into the kyusu.

Now place the tea leaves into the tea pot. The amount should be around 2 tablespoons (6-8 g of tea).
Of course, the amount may vary, depending on your taste.

This picture shows what 8 g of superior Sencha looks like in a tea pot. It might seem to be more than you expected.
If you use high quality tea leaves, even a larger amount will produce very delicious tea!

(4) Pour hot water on the leaves.

When the temperature of the hot water in the cups has declined to about 70 degrees celsius, pour the water on the tea leaves in the kyusu (tea pot). The amount of water should be around 170 ml. With these particular tea cups (for Sencha), emptying all the water from the three cups into the tea pot will be just the right amount!

Let the tea infuse for about 90 seconds.

(5) Pour the tea into the cups.

After 90 seconds of steeping, pour the tea into the cups. When serving several cups of tea, pour a little into each cup alternately so the richer tea at the bottom of the pot is distributed evenly.

Alternate pouring (do not fill a whole cup at once!):
The photograph shows how to pour just a little into each cup in the sequence of 1-2-3.
After you have reached the third cup, go back in the order of 3-2-1. Then again pour according to the sequence: 1-2-3, 3-2-1.
Pour until not a single drop is left in the pot. The leaves should be as dry as possible.
Shaking the last bit of water out can help the leaves make better tea the next infusion(s).

(6) Pour till the last drop and enjoy!

Please enjoy the unique balance of astringency and sweetness that is the trademark of Sencha tea.

For a second or third infusion, use water with higher temperature and shorten the time of the infusion. Tea of superior quality can be used for three infusions.

***Methods to recycle the used tea leaves ****

Please note that the above instructions for brewing tea are merely our suggestions. The taste of tea is subject to one’s own likings. Please continue to “experiment” in order to find the taste that is most fitting to your own preference.

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