How to Prepare Delicious Matcha

How to prepare delicious Matcha

Instructions are for Usucha of superior quality.
Necessary items: Matcha, matchawan (Matcha bowl), chasen (whisk), chashaku (bamboo spoon)

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(1) Stand the chasen (whisk) in the matchawan (Matcha bowl). Pour hot water into the cup to warm up the cup and the whisk’s bristles — 10-20 minutes will be sufficient.

(2) Discard the hot water and add Matcha.

Use the chashaku (bamboo spoon) to drop the powdered Matcha into the bowl. About two full drops is appropriate (around 2 g of Matcha).

Of course, the amount may vary according to your taste.

This picture shows what 2 g of superior Matcha looks like in a matchawan.
The powdered green tea has a fresh, bright green colour.

(3) When you look very closely, you might detect tiny lumps in your Matcha powder.
If so, do not yet pour hot water into the cup, since this might cause the lumps to stay.

First, use a very small amount of cold water on the powder and stir it with the whisk.
Use only as much water as necessary to stir the powder into a thick paste.

By producing a paste first, you will destroy all lumps. By doing so, even an amateur will be able to prepare a smooth and delicious Matcha successfully.

(4) Pour hot water into the bowl.
The amount of hot water used should be around 60-70 ml and the temperature of the water about 80-90 degrees celsius.

Now use the whisk to stir. The handle of the whisk should be held firmly with your hand while your wrist makes rapid, jerking movements back and forth.

Move the whisk as if you are writing the letter “M” into the bowl.

The tip of the whisk should never touch the bottom of the bowl.

Proper way of holding the whisk:

Your dominant hand should hold the whisk with the index, middle finger, and thumb firmly gripping the bamboo handle. Your other hand should be supporting the cup to prevent it from slipping.

Rather than sitting down on a chair when you whisk the tea, it might be easier to do so in a standing position so your arm is straight.

(5) Ready to be served!

When the surface of the tea looks like a creamy broth with foam consisting of many tiny bubbles (similar to cappuccino), your Matcha is ready to be served.
Though you may now think it is quite difficult to prepare Matcha, please enjoy the preparation with a relaxed attitude.

Eating some sweets with the tea might enhance the flavour of your Matcha.

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