We are delighted to announce that Stanmerpark-Tearooms.co.uk is now part of Maiko Tea Japan.

Situated within the outskirts of Brighton, Stanmerpark-Tearooms.co.uk serves hot food and drinks to guests all year round. Their tea rooms provide an excellent way to relax with a warm drink in hand. Guests can also enjoy snacks and seasonal specialties with a delicious range of coffees, teas, and cold drinks. These can be enjoyed after exploring the park or going for an invigorating walk.

We at Maiko Tea Japan are very happy to announce this newest addition to our website. Here at Maiko Tea Japan, we understand the importance of quality tea. Drinking great tea goes beyond mixing water and tea leaves. It involves an appreciation of the entire experience, whether you’re preparing your daily cup for breakfast, enjoying a hot mug on your daily walk, or even having a relaxing time at a cafe. We are all about providing this experience with our premium green tea.

Our selection of high-quality green teas has made us a growing leader among online retailers. We are looking forward to seeing our brand continue to grow!

The Latest Products From Our Store

At Maiko Tea Japan, we offer a rare combination of affordable and premium teas, freshly harvested in Kyoto, Japan, and shipped directly to you.

Matcha Tea

Matcha is perhaps the most popular green tea in the world. To make this type of tea, tea plants are shaded from mid-April until harvest, when they are steamed, dried, and ground into the bright green powder we know as Matcha. Matcha is as nutritious as it is delicious. It retains 100% of the nutrients in the tea leaves, making it rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and catechin antioxidants. This makes it a highly popular delicious health drink.

Gyokuro Tea

Gyokuro tea is known as the king of all green tea since it is the highest grade of Japanese tea available. It is characterized by a fine green color, a mellow sweet flavor, and a rich aroma. Similar to Matcha, the Gyokuro tea leaves are covered for a period before harvest, after which they are steamed, dried, and kneaded. People who love relaxing and taking their time with their tea will especially appreciate Gyokuro.

Sencha Tea

Sencha is the most commonly consumed tea in Japan and is consumed daily by many people. Tea plants are left uncovered in open-air tea fields until they are ready for harvest. The buds are picked, steamed, then dried and kneaded. Known for its fresh aroma and refined astringency, this tea is also famous for its nutrients and vitamins. Like other forms of green tea, it is a relaxing yet invigorating way to start your day.

Houjicha Tea

Houjicha is a savory tea that is made from the stems of the tea leaves. It is made by roasting the stems over a hot flame to produce a savory and flavorful tea. Houjicha is often used as a side beverage during meals, as it clears your mouth and has a balancing effect for greasy food. It is also good for those who want tea with a low caffeine content, making it suitable to drink before bed.