Konacha "Gyokuro ko" 100g

・Code: 486 ・Net weight: 100g(3.53 oz) ・Shipping weight: 200g ・Storage life: 10 months
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When processing Gyokuro and Sencha, the tea plants are sorted into three categories: leaves, stems, and powder. Konacha is made from the powder and small parts of the leaves. It is served commonly in sushi stores because of its refreshing astringency. Konacha is best brewed with steaming, hot water. Please use a fine mesh strainer to prevent your spout from plugging and to keep the small parts of the leaves from flowing into your cup. Since this tea is prepared quickly, it is often used on occasions when many guests have to be served at once. To prepare, just pour boiling water over the Konacha and let it infuse for 30 seconds. Depending on your preference in taste, you can use the same leaves 3 or 4 times accordingly.

sweetness astringency umami aroma
・Code: 486 ・Net weight: 100g(3.53 oz) ・Shipping weight: 200g ・Storage life: 10 months
Konacha "Gyokuro ko"
Net weight:
Shipping weight :
Storage life:
10 months