Assorted Matcha Tea Set 6 x 2g

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Offering an assortment of Maikotea's delicious Uji matcha teas for your enjoyment.

Find six different and delicately packaged servings (2g) , including one of Maikotea's most luxurious matcha "Koetsu". Not only does it have a strong umami and sweetness, but it won the silver prize (out of 129 entries) at the Paris Japanese Tea Competition in 2019.

The other teas included are as follows:

2g of Matcha Koetsu
2g of Matcha Maimukashi
2g of Matcha Kotobuki
2g of Matcha Chiyomukashi
2g of Matcha Matsu no Midori
2g of Matcha Kyomukashi