Houjicha Milk Jam 150g


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MaikoTea's Special "Houjicha Milk Jam" is a milk confit (milk jam) with fragrant rice tea and granulated sugar in thick Hokkaido milk. Green tea that consists mostly of stems (Karigane) is roasted over a hot flame to produce Houjicha. This process brings out a savoury fragrance, and provides the tea with a unique flavour.
Houjicha is often used as a side beverage during meals, as it clears your mouth and has a balancing effect for greasy food. Because of its low caffeine content, it is often recommended for children.
Spread it on bread/crackers or drizzle it on top of vanilla ice cream or yogurt, there are countless ways to enjoy this delicious new approach to enjoying Houjicha tea. For a more of a liquid smooth texture, heat the jam for 10 seconds in the microwave.

※ No coloring agents, fragrances, thickeners or preservative added.