Matcha Utensil: Whisk Stand & 50 ml Measuring Cup (Whisks are sold separately)

・Code: NK-109 ・Shipping weight: 500g
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Whisk Stand & 50 ml Measuring Cup

A very helpful tool for preparing your Matcha! When filled with hot water to the upper line of the bamboo design, it measures exactly 50 ml. This is the proper amount of water one should use for a bowl of Matcha (for 2 g of powder). The smaller cylinder attached to the measuring cup serves as a whisk stand, as shown on the pictures below.

How to Use the Whisk Stand & 50 ml Measuring Cup

1. Fill with hot water up to the top line of the bamboo design (red arrow). 2. Pour the water carefully into the Matcha bowl. 3. This pictures shows the amount of water in the bowl.

4. Use the whisk to stir your tea.
How to prepare matcha
After this, stand your whisk -- handle down -- into the whisk stand that is attached to the measuring cup.
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Points of attention (please read before ordering)

Please note that we order Matcha tools from various suppliers and will ship them as soon as they have been delivered to us.

Please do not use a dishwasher, microwave oven, or electric oven.
About your chashaku:
A bamboo scoop is a very delicate Matcha tea utensil.
Please do not use it with force or bend it unduly, as it might break. Always keep it clean and dry.
Please replace it if you detect any traces of mold.

・Code: NK-109 ・Shipping weight: 500g
Tool for MatchaWhisk stand & 50 ml measuring cup( Whisk is sold separately )
Shipping weight :
W 100 X H 55 mm