Matcha Utensil: Matcha Furui & Mizuya Chashaku

・Code: NK-108 ・Shipping weight: 500g
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Matcha Furui:

When you look very closely at powdered green tea, you might detect a few lumps. By using a Matcha Furui, you will able to break them all down and prepare a smooth, creamy bowl of Matcha successfully.

How to Use the Matcha Furui (Tea Powder Strainer)

1. Place the needed amount of Matcha on the screen. 2. Use the spatula to gently sift the matcha through the fine mesh. Do not use excessive force; the mesh is very delicate. 3. The sifted Matcha should look like this.

4. Use the Mizuya Chashaku to insert 2 g (2 scoops) into your matcha bowl.
Mizuya Chashaku
5. This picture shows finely-powdered Matcha with its vibrant, green colour. 6. Whipped with a chasen, the Matcha will turn into a deliciously smooth beverage.
How to prepare Matcha

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Easy visual instructions How to prepare Matcha

Points of attention (please read before ordering)

Please note that we order Matcha tools from various suppliers and will ship them as soon as they have been delivered to us.

Please do not use a dishwasher, microwave oven, or electric oven.
About your chashaku:
A bamboo scoop is a very delicate Matcha tea utensil.
Please do not use it with force or bend it unduly, as it might break. Always keep it clean and dry.
Please replace it if you detect any traces of mold.
・Code: NK-108 ・Shipping weight: 500g
Tool for MatchaMatcha Furui & Mizuya Chashaku
Shipping weight :
matcha Furui : W 77 X H 82 mm, Mizuya Chashaku : H 150 mm