Filter Bottle (Red)

・Code: 500104 ・Net weight: 85 x 83 x 300mm(750 ml) ・Shipping weight: 800g
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Enjoy our cold water tea like an elegant bottle of wine!

For you green tea lovers who want to drink a coldly-brewed tea in style, we offer Hario’s Filter Bottle to satisfy you in the hot summer months.

Just place your favourite tea leaves in the bottle, add water, and refrigerate for 3-6 hours. Finished! Pour the tea from the bottle, and enjoy the refreshing taste of a cold glass of green tea.

Try our authentic Japanese green tea, black tea, or any herbal infusion of your choice.

Here is the secret:
At the neck of the bottle, Hario installed a filter that prevents the leaves from pouring into your glass or cup.
This way you may enjoy any quality green tea, black tea, or herbal infusion in a very convenient manner.

How to use the Filter Bottle

1. Place the leaves into the bottle.

2. Add water up to the highest mark.

3. Place the strainer spout on the bottle.

4. Plug the spout and let the tea steep for 3 to 6 hours in the refrigerator.

5. Remove the plug and pour the tea into your favourite glass or cup.
(You might want to shake the bottle before serving)


・This pitcher is meant for cold brew tea.
・The tea leaves are directly placed into the bottle. Please make sure to wait for the leaves to unfold completely.
・The strainer will keep the leaves in the bottle when pouring the tea into the glass.
・Since the bottle is made of glass you may enjoy watching the green tea, black tea, or herbal tea while it is brewing.
・The filter, spout, and cap are easy to clean.
・This wine bottle styled pitcher makes a great gift
● material Glass bottle / heat-resistant glass
Spout・Cap / silicone rubber
Filter / polypropylene
● Made in Japan
● Dishwasher-safe

・Code: 500104 ・Net weight: 85 x 83 x 300mm(750 ml) ・Shipping weight: 800g
Filter Bottle (Red)
Net weight:
85 x 83 x 300mm
Shipping weight :