Yamashita's Gyokuro "Yashiki no Cha"

sweetness ★★★★★ astringency ☆☆☆☆☆ umami ★★★★★ aroma ★★★★★

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割引額: €58.21 (26%)

This tea of exceptionally high quality is grown at the tea gardens surrounding the residence of MaikoTea's renowned tea expert Yamashita Toshikazu. He watches daily over the production of this most exquisite premium tea and makes sure that every step of the cultivation is done with great care and skillfulness.

The Yamashita Gyokuro has a condensed sweet taste with a characteristic ambrosial fragrance and extremely gentle flavour.
The production of this 'expert' tea is limited to a few kilograms a year since it's processing is extremely tedious and time consuming. Being of such high quality the thick tea leaves maintain their pleasant flavor even up to 4-5 servings.