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- Information about custom fees ( Important! Please read. )
- Payment Method
- Customized order
How to order (Step-by-step Guide)

Delivery Information
- About Shipping Weight
- EMS Shipping fee information

- ePacket and ePacket LIGHT Rates

- Delivery Area

STEP 1: Placing the merchandise into your cart
Add the item you want to buy to your cart by clicking on the "Please order here"-button. Clicking on this button will open a window in your browser which shows your shopping cart and the item(s) you have placed into it. If you want to place additional items into your cart just click on the "continue shopping"- button.
If you like to order more of the same merchandise simply adjust the number of your order shown in your shopping cart window and press the "change"-button on the same page.
STEP 2: Choosing your preferred shipping mode
Before you check out with your order you will determine the cost of shipping by choosing your preferred shipping mode. There are 3 possible shipping options you may choose from. EMS express, ePacket and ePacket LIGHT (available only for some countries).
For more information please follow the respective links below

EMS Shipping fees

About Shipping Weight / Delivery Area

The combined weight of your order is determined by adding up all the shipping weights of the individual items in your shopping cart and reducing the total by 10%.
STEP 3: Check out
For check out you will be asked to sign in and access your member's account. If you are a first time user you will be asked to create your customer's account and enter a shipping address. Before you advance to the final check out page you will also note a window which allows you to add personal instructions for your order.
Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card (Visa/Master/AMEX)
STEP 4: MaikoTea will ship your order to your address

We will dispatch your order soon after your payment is confirmed and your purchase will arrive in the proper time according to the choice of your shipping carrier.

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