1st Story - Let's go to Maikonocha

Chie Yamada, Yui Miura, Markley Patricia
1st Story : Let's go to Maikonocha
2nd Story :Tea Picking
3rd Story :Tea Processing
4th Story :Tea Varieties
5th Story :Serving Tea
6th Story :Tea and Health

About Maikonocha-Honpo (Maiko Tea company)


Tea company)

MaikoTea´s fundamental criterion lies in the reliable cultivation

and production of green tea.

According to the principles of conscientious manufacturing and stocking

we aim to maintain the same conditions as were given at the time of harvest.

Day by day our staff strives anew to comply with the noble motto of our

company which states:'Let us deliver the best tea possible to our customers!'

Located in Kyotanabe City

- Origin of the Finest Gyokuro Tea in Japan

MaikoTea (MAIKONOCHA-HONPO) is located in Kyotanabe City

of southern Kyoto, near Uji, an area famous for Japanese green tea. From

our location one can gaze out over a serene landscape of vast tea fields.

Kyotanabe City, blessed with a mild climate perfect for tea cultivation,

is especially famous for producing Gyokuro tea. With utmost care and traditional

skill, the world's finest Gyokuro, prized for its superb aroma, sweetness

and full-bodied flavor is created here.

Guaranteed Flavor!

Tea leaves processed at MaikoTea have been wholeheartedly

and diligently produced over a year, selected one by one, under the attentive

care of tea farmers. These leaves are then processed to produce MaikoTea's

original blend. This "blending technique" is crucial, as it greatly influences

the flavor of the tea and makes sure, that our teas have the same delicious

taste every year. Please be assured that MaikoTea guarantees constantly

excellent green tea flavor.

We are pleased to provide quality tea for gifts and daily use at home. Please favor us with your orders.

A Hearth to Welcome Our


MaikoTea Store boasts a hearth inside the shop, called an

"irori" in Japanese, which are seldom seen in recent years. Yet there

is something soothing about sipping a cup of tea by a hearth.

We welcome you to relax by our hearth; please feel free to drop by and enjoy yourself in this heartwarming atmosphere.

Please come to enjoy delicious Japanese TEA!!


2-1 Kamidaimon Fugenji Kyotanabe Kyoto JAPAN 610-0322

TEL +81(80)3840-0028 (Dr.Ralph Fearber)

FAX +81(774)63-3269

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