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Ochazuke is a Japanese dish made with green tea and rice. It is prepared by pouring, or sprinkling, the tea onto rice and other ingredients. Maiko Tea's original BuBu-Ochazuke blend is made with wild plants and delicious, authentic Japanese green tea grown with abundant spring water in a valley near Fugenji Temple, Kyotanabe City. Please try our original Ochazuke with a finishing touch of arare (rice crackers) as a delicious, healthy, and light meal choice.


Kayu is a Japanese porridge made with rice and water. Our Baachan-Kayu is made with wild plants from Japanese mountains, and includes a slight hint of Matcha to add flavour and substance. Tidily packed in a retort pouch, this product needs only to be heated before eating. Simply submerge the retort pouch in boiling water for approximately five minutes. You may also empty the pouch into a microwavable container and heat for around two minutes.

Both Ochazuke and Okayu make delicious, light meals perfect, for example, after consuming alcoholic beverages.

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