When processed, Gyokuro and Sencha are sorted into three categories: leaves, stems, and powder. Green tea that consists mostly of stems (Karigane) is blended with popped whole-rice, known as Genmai, to produce Genmaicha. The refreshing taste of green tea, coupled with the full-bodied aroma of the whole-rice, produces an exquisite combination.

Genmaicha’s mild, refreshing fragrance makes it a very popular drink for daily consumption. The aroma and flavour of the unpolished rice helps at times when one feels tired or hungry. It is therefore great to use when at work, school, or during private study to relax and energize the drinker. Another reason for Genmaicha’s popularity is its health benefits. Unpolished rice is rich in vitamin B and E, and green tea contains vitamin C, as well as plenty of minerals.