Susuricha (Gyokuro)

Susuricha is the supreme method of preparing and tasting Gyokuro tea. It involves sipping the green tea from a Susuri cup. Gyokuro, with its mild sweetness and subdued astringency, is considered one of the highest grades of tea in Japan. It steeps at a low temperature, and is consumed slowly in order to savour its unique and rich flavour. Our Susuricha set contains all of the appropriate items needed for you to produce the optimal flavour of tea from Gyokuro leaves.

Please note that the design shown is out of stock at the moment. Due to the kiln's limited operation, we can only provide these vessels in a simple, white edition without any painting.

How to prepare delicious Susuricha
1. Fill the Yuzamashi (cool-off vessel) to the blue line and let the water cool down to about 40 degrees -- around the temperature of a hot bath.

2. Insert about 5 grams of Gyokuro (1 tbsp.) into the Susuri cup (the vessel with the lid).
One bag of Maiko Tea Susuri Gyokuro contains exactly 5 g!
3. Pour the cooled-off water (40°C) from the Yuzamashi into the Susuri cup.
Note: Do not pour directly onto the leaves, but into the space surrounding the leaves!
Wait for about 2 minutes. The colour of the tea will change to a clear, bright green.
4. Now your Gyokuro is ready to drink!
Put the lid on the Susuri cup and keep a small opening facing you. Hold your thumbs close to the center of the lid. Now lift the cup high above your mouth; you should be facing the ceiling while slowly sipping the tea through the open slit of the Susuri cup.
5. Repeat steps 1, 3, and 4 about four times -- or as long as the tea yields a tasty flavour.
After the second steeping, decrease the time of steeping.
6. Since it is "mottainai" (wasteful) to throw away used tea leaves, please look up our methods of recycling leaves after infusion.