1 .Frequently asked questions about Japanese tea

(1) How long is the expiration date?

  • 10 months for products of loose leaf teas such as Gyokuro, Sencha and Hojicha.
  • 6 months for Matcha.
  • Please check our product pages for the expiration dates of each individual item.

(2) How should I store the tea?

(3) What is the difference between Japanese tea and black tea / Chinese tea?

  • Black tea ・ Oolong tea ・ Green tea (Japanese tea) though different in taste and appearance derive from the same plant (camellia sinensis / evergreen shrub).
  • Depending on the processing method, the product is later classified as black tea, oolong tea or green tea (Japanese tea).
  • Since Japanese tea does not generally ferment, it is called non-fermented tea.
  • Black tea is made of completely fermented leaves and classified as fermented tea.
  • The manufacturing process makes all the difference. By terminating the fermentation prematurely Chinese tea is classified as a semi-fermented tea.
    4th Story – Tea Varieties

(4) On the types and characteristics of Japanese tea

  • Japanese tea can be roughly classified into three kinds, Gyokuro, Matcha and Sencha.
  • In addition, there are other kinds like Karigane/Kukicha (stalk tea), Houjicha (roasted tea) Genmaicha (brown rice tea), Konacha (powder tea) and so on.
  • For more details, please see the following page. 
    4th Story – Tea Varieties (English)

(5) When is Japanese green tea harvested?

  • The harvest of Japanese tea depends on the climate of the year, but it will usually start around the beginning of April.
  • In the Kyoto area where our Maikotea headquarters is located the harvest of new tea begins around late April. If you want to visit us to witness the tea picking it is best to come in May.
  • For information on the harvest go to : 2nd Story – Tea Picking (English)

2. About shipping and delivery

(1) About delivery and delivery methods

Shipping method


Tracking number

Total weight limit

EMS(Express Mail Service)

30kg ※

RAM(Regular Air Mail)



SAL(Economy Airmail)





※Some services depend on the country / region.
※Some countries with 20kg limit

  • For details, please check on the Japan Post website.

※For delivery, we recommend EMS which comes with a tracking number.
※There is no tracking available for RAM and SAL deliveries.

Please note: Maikotea does not take any responsibility for orders shipped via Regular Airmail or SAL!

(2) How long will it take for an order to arrive at the shortest?

  • Maikotea will ship within approximately 3 to 5 business days after ordering, depending on the stock situation and amount of orders being handled. After dispatch it depends on the shipping mode and the circumstances of each respective country. Please check the Japan Post website.
  • In addition the delivery to some destinations may also be delayed due to customs clearance.

(3) What should I do if the item does not arrive? How to confirm the delivery?

*For EMS deliveries:

*Note: Only EMS shipments provide tracking!

  • If your order does not arrive, please contact us using the inquiry form below.
  • Maikotea will contact the Japanese postal service and investigate as diligent as possible. To inquiry form

*For RAM and SAL deliveries:

  • Sorry, but with Regular Airmail and SAL the post office does not provide any tracking information!
  • Even if your order is lost, Maikotea does not take any responsibility for regular airmail or SAL orders.

(4) Do I receive a shipping notification?

  • Yes, we will contact you via e-mail once your order is dispatched.
  • For customers who chose EMS your notification will also contains the tracking number.

(5) About custom fees and import tax

  • Custom fees differ with each country. Taxes and other fees may be charged at the time of delivery. Please inquire with your local offices.

3. About payment

(1) What kind of payment methods are available?

(2) In case of card payment, when will the charge occur?

  • The time of withdrawal differs for each credit card. Please check with your card company.

(3) Can I purchase in my country’s currency?

  • For the beginning purchases at our new web shop are in Japanese yen, but we are planning to facilitate payments in USD, EUR and GBP. We will contact you after other currency options are installed.

4. About wholesale

  • We welcome wholesale customers. OEM and customized orders are possible.
  • For detailed inquiries please contact us with the form below. Experienced staff will respond as soon as possible.
    To inquiry form    

※We will try to respond within 3 ~ 5 business days