Gyokuro "Takumi" Won the Highest Japanese Tea Award in 2015!!

Gyokuro "Takumi" Won the Highest Japanese Tea Award in 2015!!

Our Gyokuro “Takumi” was awarded the highest prize in Japan on November 29th, 2015 at the Japanese Tea Award contest, held at Shibuya Hikarie (Tokyo).

Final examination by general consumer

Maiko Tea Japan’s Gyokuro “Takumi” – Japanese Tea Grand Prize!

Primary and secondary examination by Japanese tea experts

Delicious Tea Division: Gyokuro
Maikotea Japan’s Gyokuro “Takumi”- Platinum Award
Maikotea Japan’s Gyokuro “Kyotanabe Gyokuro”- Fine Product Award

In the wake of this, we would like to share the taste of our Gyokuro, which is a Kyoto specialty, domestically and overseas. We extend our gratitude to our tea master, Mr. Toshikazu Yamashita, for producing such delicious tea, as well as to all green tea farmers and kind supporters.

The Japan Tea Award is:
– A contest with a screening method for determining delicious tea brewed in a teapot.
– Selected by a voting system consisting of a primary examination and carried out by officials of the tea industry, followed by a final examination of the general public.

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