Maiko Tea's Characteristics

1. Superior Quality

Maiko Tea has received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally, for the supreme quality of its tea products. Our resident tea master, Yamashita Toshikazu, is hailed as one of the greats in the world of tea.

2. Expertise

Maiko Tea owns traditional tea plantations that have produced quality tea for generations. Our company has a unique relationship of trust with fellow tea farmers in the Uji, Kyoto area and all across the nation. Our staff is renowned for its comprehensive expertise in growing and blending Japanese green tea. Maiko Tea’s professional tea instructors frequently conduct tea seminars both in Japan and around the globe.

3. Friendly Correspondence of Foreign Staff

Our foreign staff is able to respond in English and German. We strive to communicate with foreigners of many different cultures in a proper way, exemplifying the kind and polite tone typical in Japanese business. International customers respect our service and we deeply appreciate their loyal patronage.

4. Presently Shipping to More Than 50 Countries Worldwide!

Maiko Tea has been delivering tea to customers within Japan for over 40 years. Over a decade ago, we started shipping our products to international customers. Our sales have since expanded to over 50 countries around the world! We are pleased to share our high quality Japanese green tea globally.

5. Tradition and History

Maiko Tea is located in Kyoto Prefecture, where Japanese tea cultivation began around 1200 CE (Kamakura Period). It is the region where high-grade “Uji tea” leaves are harvested. In all periods of Japanese history, tea cultivated and processed in Kyoto was esteemed as the most delicious of all teas, and commonly presented as gifts to Shoguns during the Edo period. Maiko Tea’s award-winning selection of green teas is among the finest this region has to offer.